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Bedlam: Key Matchups & Prediction

Justin Gilbert defends the pass vs. Kenny Stills

Every time Oklahoma State is in this situation, I ask myself, "Can we really be back at Bedlam football again and did I use the last year as much as I would like to stick it to my friends (of which there are few) that are Sooner fans?" The concern is to enjoy it while you can because it won't last long. That said, I like the chances for bragging rights for the next year. Yes, back-to-back Bedlam.

Honestly, these are two teams that have their share of both strengths and weaknesses, and in some cases they match up and some they don't. Here is my quick chart of strengths and weaknesses. Unit Quarterback OSU: ------ OU: Strength Running Backs OSU: Strength OU: -------- Wide Receivers OSU: -------- OU: Strength Offensive Line OSU: Strength OU: --------- Defensive Line OSU: Strength OU... Recommended Stories